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Congress Workshops

Congress offers four days of top-rated educational workshops. Choose from more than 100 workshops, offered in a variety of education tracks, to increase your level of understanding in all areas of payroll and related fields.
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Payroll Thought Leadership

These workshops focus on learning how to obtain significant return on investment and overcoming industry challenges with specific product solutions. These educational workshops showcase how organizations implemented specific solutions that positively impacted their bottom line.

  • Empowering Financial Stability: Mastering OnDemand Pay and Compliance in Today’s Workforce
  • Digitizing Tip Payments in Today’s World of Digital Payments
  • Don’t Shake It Off: It’s the DailyPay Eras Panel
  • Leverage the Power of AI to Transform Your Global Payroll Strategy
  • Top Trends Reshaping the Future of HR and Payroll
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Leadership Excellence Series

Attend one or all of these exhilarating sessions that you won’t soon forget when you get back to your workplace.

  • Advanced Career-Building Presentation Skills
  • Communicate Your V.A.L.U.E.
  • Meeting Magic
  • Pragmatic Payroll Career Strategies
  • Selling Yourself and Your Ideas
  • The Great Integration: Embrace, Engage, Enroll, and Thrive
  • The Persuasion Principle Part II: Make a Greater Impact on Your Team and Business
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Late-breaking Legislative and Regulatory Updates

These workshops are for anyone involved in maintaining compliance through a review of legislative and regulatory updates at both the federal and state level.

  • 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC Reporting: Federal and State Requirements
  • A Conversation With DOL and Census Bureau
  • A Conversation With IRS and SSA
  • A Conversation With the Office of Child Support Services
  • Advanced Tax Notice Resolution
  • Building Relationships Across HR, Payroll, and Finance
  • Domestic Mobility, Part 1
  • Domestic Mobility, Part 2
  • Employment Law Lessons Learned
  • Exploring the Payroll Compliance Landscape, 2024 Insights
  • First Annual Payroll Profession Confidence Index Findings Review
  • Hot Topics for 2024
  • IRS/SSA Reconciliation
  • It’s State and Local Payroll Compliance
  • Managing Withholding/Onboarding Compliance in a Shifting Landscape
  • Real-Time and Instant Payments for Payroll
  • Remote Work: Payroll Risk and Compliance
  • Results of Global Survey
  • Trends and Insights: Reviewing 2024 State Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates and Looking Ahead to 2025
  • What’s New in ACH Payments
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Payroll Management and Operations

These workshops present topics critical to the efficient operation of the payroll process, to help ensure employees are paid accurately and to identify compliance issues and resolve them before your organization is subject to penalties.

  • Avoiding Payroll Scams
  • Calculating Deceased Wages Correctly
  • California Labor Law and Payroll Tax Issues, Part 1
  • California Labor Law and Payroll Tax Issues, Part 2
  • Changing Pay Frequencies
  • “Disrupt-a-Cons” Bring Payroll Process Transformation
  • Everything You Thought You Knew About Payroll Is Wrong
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • FLSA: Regular Rate of Pay and Its Complexities
  • Garnishments, Levies, Student Loans, and More
  • How to Audit Your Payroll Department
  • Impact of the W-4 on Paycheck Calculations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Navigating Union Payrolls With Confidence
  • Overpayments: What Can We Do?
  • Passionate About Internal Controls
  • Payroll Health: When Was Your Last Check-up?
  • Payroll in New York
  • Preparing for Constant Change Through Policies and Procedures
  • Secrets of a Successful Year-end
  • Supplemental Wages Don’t Require Withholding 22% Federal Income Tax!
  • Termination Timeliness: Compliance Planning
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Child Support
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Benefits and Compensation

These workshops focus on compliance with benefits and compensation, including the latest on fringe benefits, stock options, cafeteria plans, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

  • Equity Compensation and a Mobile Workforce Abroad
  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Taxable and Nontaxable Fringe Benefits, Part 1
  • Taxable and Nontaxable Fringe Benefits, Part 2
  • Unlocking 401(k) Success: Navigating Challenges and Overcoming Fears in 2024
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Global Payroll

These workshops explore a wide spectrum of the payroll function, risks, compliance, and related issues from a global perspective.

  • Accelerated Global Expansion: Payroll’s Ultimate Challenge
  • Conquering Payroll Year-end Reporting for a Global Workforce
  • Designing Agile Global Payroll Operations
  • Discover Your Global Payroll Maturity Level
  • EOR vs. PEO
  • Global Banking and Financial Transactions and Their Impact on Payroll
  • Global Payroll Leadership 2024 and Beyond
  • Global Payroll Reporting – Required for the Changing Workforce
  • Global Payroll Strategies: Data Transformation
  • Global Pension Plans, Provident Funds, Life Insurances, and Savings Schemes
  • Global Social Security Payroll Calculations
  • Implementing a Global Mobility Program
  • Lost and Found: Unlocking the Secrets of Global Payroll Project Management
  • Navigating Cultural Differences in Payroll
  • Payroll in Canada
  • Taxable Benefits in Canada
  • The Power of Three: The Impact of Integrated HCM, WFM, and Payroll on Global Organizations
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These workshops are designed for anyone focusing on technology covering the latest on artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, implementation, and metrics.

  • Automate Pre-Payroll as Part of a Broader HCM and Payroll Investment Strategy
  • Enabling Data-Driven Payroll Insights and Monitoring
  • Expat Payroll – Overview and Best Practices
  • Generative AI and It’s Role in Transformation of Payroll
  • Metrics and Measures, Get Started With KPIs
  • RPA to Improve Your Auditing Techniques
  • The Digital HR/Payroll Transformation
  • The Master Plan: What On-Demand Pay Was Always Supposed to Be
  • To ChatGPT or Not ChatGPT? That Is the Question
  • Winning Talent With Personalized Payroll Technology
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Professional Development

These workshops offer insights and perspectives for enhancing your interpersonal skill set, furthering your professional development, expanding your leadership potential, and advancing your career.

  • Customer Service in Payroll
  • Data Analytics: The Collision of Payroll Data and Reports
  • Emotional Intelligence and Communication for Payroll Professionals
  • From Back Office to Boardroom: The Payroll Transformation Impact
  • How to Influence Your Way to Compliance
  • How to Manage and Grow a Modern Payroll Team
  • Make Using Analytics Applicable to You
  • Mastering the Art of Persuasion, Negotiation, and Influencing
  • Preparing and Analyzing Requests for Proposal
  • The Coin Trick: The Magic of High Collaborating Payroll and HR Teams
  • The Payroll Transformation You Can’t Ignore
  • The Value of a Multigenerational Workforce Today
  • Transform Your New Payroll Job – Tools for Success
  • Transform Your Payroll Communications
  • Transformation of Payroll
  • Unstuck: Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis to Get Ahead in Payroll – and Life!
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PAYO Tools

Are you looking to get involved with PayrollOrg and gain knowledge about our tools and resources? Workshops in this track will offer a variety of sessions covering volunteering, elearning, and ebooks.

  • Make a Difference Through Volunteer Committees
  • PayrollOrg’s Bookshelf
  • PayTrain: Payroll Training at Your Command