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Motivational Talks to Enlighten and Inspire

The Payroll Congress features various speakers to ensure that the event is the perfect balance of education, information, and motivation. Learn from industry leaders and entertainers as they share their insight on success.


Keynote Speakers

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Shawn Kanungo

Opening General Session
“The Age of Infinity – Generative AI and Our Future”
FOS: Technology/1.0 RCH/1.0 CPE credit

We are on the brink of a revolution based on the meteoric rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI). These exponential technologies are transforming the way we communicate, collaborate, and create, revolutionizing industries around the world. However, when everyone has an AI co-pilot, who will stand out? Shawn Kanungo argues that we need more freaks – leaders that are both unique and bold.

With the rise of generative AI, cloud technologies, and remote talent, we’re entering into an age of infinite leverage where our work can be replicated at no cost, and we don’t need permission to get started. As a result, we can build exponential organizations – a new breed of businesses that can be more nimble, flexible, and highly leveraged.

In this provocative and counterintuitive session, Shawn dives deep into the age of AI and infinite leverage. He explores why this will shape the future, and how it will impact culture, business, technology, and individuals. Ultimately, the future will favor the freaks.

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Lynda Gratton speaker photo

Lynda Gratton

Wednesday General Session
“The Future of Work Is Now, and Here Is How to Thrive”
FOS: Personal Development/1.0 RCH/1.0 CPE credit

We are living and working longer, in career paths that are morphing from the traditional three stages to something more individual, more flexible, more multi-staged – and potentially more exciting. And in this post-pandemic world, we are still experimenting with new ways of working and questioning our assumptions about what it takes to be a high performer.

In this session, Lynda Gratton draws on her deep expertise to show the future of work is now, and how best to adapt and thrive. Lynda describes what this means for careers, for working practices, for the design of work, and importantly for managers and leaders. For as organizations transform, so power, skills, and structures shift – and with this the role of leaders transforms. Lynda shows what you have to do now to understand and prepare for these shifts.

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Kelly Swanson speaker photo

Kelly Swanson, CSP, CPAE

Closing General Session
“The Persuasion Principle: Connect and Engage Through the Power of Story”
FOS: Personal Development/1.0 RCH/1.0 CPE credit

No matter what position you have, what strategies you bring, or what end result you desire – you had better do more than just “communicate effectively”. This isn’t the 50s anymore. In fact, the way we communicate isn’t the same as it was even five years ago. In this funny and motivating session, Kelly will share six secrets to connect and engage with teams and business leaders alike through the power of story. Plus, learn how to rewrite your own inner script to overcome stress and inspire greater motivation in yourself and others.

Industry Expert Speakers

Nadia Camarena speaker photo

Nadia Camarena, CPP

Director, Global Payroll Operations

Ryan Yannetta speaker photo

Ryan Yannetta, CPP, PHR,

VP, Implementation
Extensis HR

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